Gene Wolfe Solar Cycle

As posted onTor.com2009 is the year of the Solar Cycle. Those who have read the series and longed for someone to bounce ideas off as they reread, or those who want someone there beside them when they journey the mind-stretching, frightening and horribly fascinating world of the Commonwealth with Severian (who, let’s face it is not the most reliable companion) can now rejoice. This reading group will shadow your steps like Hethor would if he were around today and knew who Brittany Spears was.

By the way, you should count the cost. The entire way I look at writing changed when I started reading Wolfe. His writing looks down at you the way Everest might if it were capable of being subtle as well as superlative. Gene Wolfe is a very good guy too. He has corresponded with me on three occasions, each time giving me golden advice. Hmm. Perhaps I’ll have to share some of those nuggets on this blog.

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