This week

Right now I am eating pizza rolls sans napkin, fork and even plate. My wife and daughter have flown to sunny Florida for a week. I am busy as all get out every night but Tuesday (St. Patty’s day). That night I plan on some heavy XBOX 360 duty. But this also is a great opportunity to write. Without the family, I can get home from work and just plop down and write until the muse is satiated. That said, let’s see how much I actually get done…

I have to finish my haunted man story for the Kazoo Books SF Writers’ group’s next meeting. I have to polish my other stories as well.

Also for this blog I am cooking something up. I will probably post it this week, but I am going to give it a little more time for all the carrier pigeon’s to return, but most of them have already.

I asked a bunch of writers if they had advice for me (and by extension for all of you) on world-building for the short story format. I am delighted at the response so far and you will be too when I share it.

While we wait, what advice do you have on world-building for the short story?

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