Quantum of Fail

Finally saw the latest Bond flick. Yech! How could they go from arguably the best Bond movie to the second worst! (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service cannot be outdone) Remember when you liked James Bond? When he was a likable character?

In this one he just seemed like a henchman/hitman. The James Bond of yore would have taken this vacuous* villain out like so many hard-hat wearing, white be-jumpsuited, uzi slinging henchmen in his previous films.

*He seriously is child-minded in this movie. Two times people on his side get killed because he wanders off leaving them unprotected for no apparent reason. “What’s my motivation?”
“To get to scene six with the chase in it.”
“Okay, and I’m supposed to be upset and surprised when soandso gets it?”
“Yep, script says so.”

2 thoughts on “Quantum of Fail

  1. In all fairness, OHMSS could have been a terrific movie…IF George Lazenby hadn’t been in it. It had a good story line, great direction/action sequences, a neat plot (wasn’t it about biological warfare, in it’s own way?) and best of all…Dr. Evil.

  2. I apologize for putting an apostrophe in my ownership statement above. I am lower that toenail dirt. I am swamp scum.

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