Jon Rock’s Heroic Shades

I am a leader for my church’s high school youth group. For weeks I have heard about how feminine my shades are. Frequent comments include: “Dude, why are you wearing girl shades?” and “Those look ridiculous on you.”

I even put my shades on the line in an Xbox showdown with a student that has yet to happen.

Halo 3 for girl glasses

Well all the controversy can peter out. While playing with my 2 yr old daughter (who by the way frequently referred to those glasses as, “Mommy’s”) the frame around the right lens snapped, liberating it from any further proximity to my face.

I have been told that they were leopard print, when they are plainly tortoise shell, that the lenses were too big and the ears too thin, but I still maintain, that although a wee bit fabulous those were in fact acceptably masculine glasses. Disagree? Well you are not just crossing me, you are crossing Will Smith. The tape on mine may make them look less heroic, but you can’t smack missiles around without some damage to your specs, right?

So if you still want to dis my shades you’ll have HancocK and JonrocK to answer to.


4 thoughts on “Jon Rock’s Heroic Shades

  1. So that’s where my sunglasses went! I must have left them at Sara’s and you accidently (?) picked them up from there.

  2. Thanks for the concession Jan. Broken as they are, the squint definitely helps keep them in place. Not sure about the hat though…

  3. Yup Diane, that’s how it went down. And that’s why people stopped mocking you for wearing men’s sunglasses.

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