What people are saying


I like this much better than more paper. Good job!

Jessica H. – Portage, MI

Hello, Jon. Yes, she really loved it !! =) We really appreciate your help !! It is perfect for us. Thank you very much

Márcia O. – Campinas, Brazil

Works for me! Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this, Jon – the game is AMAZING

Laura B. – Charles City, IA

I worked with Jonathan to create an innovative, engaging, interactive training tool that raises the bar. He was instrumental in using his advanced skills in Storyline 2 to transform a complex PowerPoint project into a Learning Zone compatible learning module. Jonathan Rock rocks!

Jessica Carson – Occupational Health Nurse

I’m rolling on the floor laughing right now!!! I LOVE the little chicken in level three!!! The transitions between the levels and different themes and sounds for each level really just makes it feel like a true video game, and one that you really want to continue to the next level to see what is awaiting you there. The lightning bolts opening up level two just blew me away. So cool, I love the way you transitioned that. Now you are just showing off. I really really like the way it is set up. It looks even more professional than I had hoped for

Jessica C. – Charles City, IA

Lots of talk! They are really impressed by the training…both in content and the interactive approach…you Rock!

Ian M. -Dublin, Ireland